When should I place my order for propane?

We always try to get your propane to you as quickly as possible.  However, it is never a good idea to run out of propane.  We recommend that you place your propane order at 25%.  This allows us time to schedule your delivery without risk of running out.

Why am I at 80% and you just filled up my tank?

Propane tanks are considered Full at 80%.  This leaves the appropriate room for expansion that can occur.

Should I blow out the pilot light to save Money?

We don't recommend blowing out your pilot light.  It cost only a few dollars to keep a pilot light running.  We regularly receive calls to relight pilot lights.  A majority of the time this is due to debris that gets in it.  This need is reduced by running the pilot light.  The few dollars spent to run the pilot light is less than the service call that might be needed to get this lit.

If I lease a tank from another company can I order from you?

Unfortunately No, you must order through them, but call us to talk about switching to our services.